The Chawkbazar Tragedy

Nafisa Hasan Basma
2 min readFeb 21, 2019

Another reminder to a shameless city.

10.40 pm. February 20, 2019.

A narrow alley of a 400 year old district, Chawkbazar is finally getting ready for the long 3 days weekend. Some are having their dinner, they don’t want to miss their train to home. Some are calculating the day end loss-profit. Some came here to taste the best traditional food after 8 hours office. Some are ready to have a late night chit-chat. Some are going home. Some are complaining about the everyday traffic.

Suddenly a BANG!

The colorful grocery store stuff lie at the road while the owner remains missing. The fire spread to the godowns from a grocery shop that caught fire after the gas cylinder of a CNG-driven pickup truck exploded near the shop. The chemical warehouse ignited the fire killing 81 people.
A Journalist struggling to start his report.
Some chemical factory products with dead and not-dead humans.
Peek-a-boo from the Alley of the Dead.